About me

Yul Hanchas recognizes to be in love with Spain, the land that attracts him a lot. His favorite colors – Black, Red and White. It’s his real surname coming from Greek grandfather. In Spanish word «Hanchas» means wide. Wide sole – wide opportunities!

He was born in Kiev, USSR in 1971. He doesn’t remember when he started painting, probably same time when started walking and could reach the pencil. He finished art school and then had a great opportunity to learn more about Art at his father’s workshops, who was Honored Artist and Sculptor and under his direction worked well-known artists, sculptors, restorers, wood carvers, who became Yul’s real teachers. Little boy spent his entire childhood watching nude models and after school was helping to cut and paste colored glass and at the same time studying stained glass technics, kindle the forge in the smithy and learnt about hand forging.  Great Masters of iconography, sculpture, jewelry and restoration taught him different things. Yul was 15 when he got his first job and worked with his father as a decorator beautifying different towns of Sakhalin in the Far East of Russia. In1992-2002 in Israel he had his own stained glass and art-forging studio and after the exhibition in Tel-Aviv in 1995 the Name HANCHAS became a brand who was setting the standards of elegance and quality. 2002-2011 living in Moscow and working as Art director of major advertising agencies managed number of projects including for well-known international brands. However, he always continued painting, working with oil and acrylic, mixing and trying, finding different styles until he had invented his own technique – volumetric painting – innovative technique,ambitious, different, very rich, that calls a lot of attention. Now he is using his secrete mixture that gives the strength and brings relief to unique flashing pieces encrusted with pearls and stones. And he brought it to Spain in 2011 when he participated in the Marbella International Art Festival. He felt in love with Marbella and whole Costa del Sol. You can meet him in Old town of Malaga or Mijas Pueblo, Estepona or Ronda – his favorite places where he fills home now, and he is proud to live on the land of Dali, Gaudi, Picasso, Velazquez and El Greco.