TOROS DE HANCHAS oil on the wood

46 Photos

Color therapy. Oil on canvas.

New Collection in the oil. Color Therapy. Author's unique technology.

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Performance color therapy

Julia Drynkina charming model

37 Photos

Paintings in the original technique

Paintings and portraits of famous people. Ideal for interiors. author volumetric technique. Acrylic. stones. Pearls. At exhibitions. In the galleries. in private collections around the world.

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Performances with my pictures

70 Photos

Portraits from photos

Portraits from photographs. To order. In the volumetric of the original art. Acrylic. stones. pearl

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ART of HANCHAS. Forged table!!!!!!

Эксклюзивный кованый стол строго!! ручной работы по идее, воплощенной в эскизы HANCHAS отцом и сыном. Exclusive hand forged table. Idea and sketches from Hanchas. Exclusivo forjado manual mesa hecha a mano. Idea y bocetos de Hanchas.

17 Photos

 Art forging Художественная ковка

Author's artistic hand forging. Our work with Dad around the world.

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Spanish motives

Spanish theme. Acrylic. Stones. Pearls. Volumetric own technique

22 Photos

Concept cars from Hanchas

Acrylic series cars. Make to order any cars in volumetric technology

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Gold Collection

Gold collection. Acrylic. Author's volumetric technique. Portraits of idols. In the galleries and private collections around the world.

18 Photos

The work of previous years

My paintings over the years. Oil. mixed media

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